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Red Wrap Dress

See & Sew pattern #B6543


I picked up See and Sew patterns at my local Joann store. I am there all the time, I can't stop sewing. I picked out this fabric back in June of this year, I wanted to make a dress for the summer time, and now It's Fall. Stuff happens, still cute.

I think I made this dress at least 3 times. I kept having to take it in. Yes, I know, I didn't get a good start from the get go. I over estimated my size. I really thought the dress was going to be too small according to the sizes on the pattern. Knowing me, I probably read it wrong. Whooops!

As you can see here, before I even start, It already went really badly.. I cut seam allowance to make the dress a size that's already too big. But I didn't know that, and so, I will soon find out later..

I like to use bias to finish off edges if I can. It really worked as the fabric has prints.

Isn't this fabric pattern cute?

After all the bias is perfectly sewed on, I tired the top on and found out it was really roomy. I re-measured myself again and got to fixin'. I took in the back of the top and the bottom skirt and the sides, and everything else.

Again, whoops! Adventures of sewing, am I right? Sleeves and pockets did not need any altering.. Big win for me! Yay! I wanted to make puffy sleeves, so I gave myself lots of room for adding elastic for ruffling. Pockets on a dress is always a good idea.

It's a really great dress, the pattern was easy to sew. I always try to challenge myself with a project to keep me on my toes.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found my journey through making this dress amusing. You just have to make fun of your own mistakes sometimes and not be to hard on yourself.

Happy sewing, friends!

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