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Red Wrap Blouse

I made this blouse with fabric I got on sale from Joann's. It is a very light weight suede-ish material that's super stretchy. Not sure if suede can be called, "light-weight" and "stretchy", I'm not great at describing fabric material, I just know it feels light and soft. It felt good against the skin of my arm. It was in the clearance section, with one of the "dots" on it. There was only a yard and a half left, so cha-ching! It's mine. I'm learning how to sew, so cheap is in my price range.

I paired the fabric with New Look pattern #6560, it was in the "easy-to-sew" section. I would say, it is fairly easy-to-sew, I didn't have any trouble with the pattern, It was the fabric that was on the difficult side. Not the kind of fabric a new sewer would like to battle with. Did I mention, this fabric bleeds. Yes, My sewing machine and cutting board is dyed with little pink finger prints. I won't be showing any sewing action because my sewing machine looks dirty.

However, was I confident in my beginner sewing skills, I watched hours on hours of sewing videos on youtube, I should be a professional at this point. Not! the fabric was slippery, even the pins didn't want anything to do with the fabric.. I mean, when I tried to pierce the fabric with my pins, the fabric just stretched. (Fabric-1/Pins-0) Yeah. When I cut the fabric, it just stretched and slipped all over the place, my scissors kept veering off, I couldn't make a straight cut.

It's time to get started! First thing, sew gathering stitches at shoulder edge, pin yoke to shoulder edge, and gather.

My favorite part of the garment is this gathered yoke. It was the first time I learned the word, "yoke". I thought yoke is the yellow thingy inside an egg. I don't think I have anything in my closet with a yoke. Or, I've never payed attention to what a yoke is. Anyway, this yoke, is not yoke..


Stitch front and back shoulder seams together. Add facing. Pin, pin, pin, stitch, stitch, and then cut notches. Careful not the cut the stitches.

Once I added the interfacing, the fabric was much easier to work with, I wanted to add interfacing to the rest of the fabric but I wouldn't have enough interfacing. Speaking of which, I didn't have enough fabric for the flounce. I think the blouse is better without it anyway. The flounce could be to flouncey for me. If you're not sure why I am talking about flounce, scroll up to the pattern picture and look at blouse "A".

On to the Sleeves..

The sleeves had to be shorter also due to the fact that I didn't have enough fabric so I made it work by having shorter sleeves. Attaching the sleeves at the shoulder was easy, I matched up the notches and it eased in nicely. I decided to sew the sleeves on first before sewing the side seams together. I should've let the directions guide me here, because, I added the elastic the hard way. The directions said to: Press lower edge of sleeve to form a casing, leave opening to insert elastic.

What had really happen was; I struggled and struggled.. pulling the elastic from one end of the sleeve to the other trying to stitch the elastic down. Then, folding the in the raw edges and continue to struggle to sew everything down. And if I didn't allow myself to struggle enough, once I sewed the side seams and the sleeves together, the ends of the elastic edges were so thick, I couldn't back stitch them together. No, I didn't listen, Linda.

You wouldn't have even known, if I didn't tell you.

Lastly.. The Tie. Stitch the notch ends together, right side facing, sew raw edges. Snip the corners and turn inside out. Here, I used my ever so trusty chop stick, it's a little trick I learned, the pointed end of the chop stick helps me get a nice pointed end at the corners too.

And.. DONE!

This blouse is a nice add to my closet. I don't have a lot of clothes so everything I add to my closet is going to be thoughtfully considered. I hope you enjoyed this journey with me, there will be a lot more lessons to come. I've tired on this blouse 3 different ways.

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