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Flounce sleeve wrap blouse

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I did it again, I made NewLook pattern #6560 this time, view B with flounce sleeves. Again, super easy to make, hemming the sleeves was a bit challenging but it happened, and it happened in this light denim. Maybe not denim? Maybe it's a blue linen? Feels like linen, looks like light denim? I'm not sure. Please forgive me, I don't know.

I was really pleased with my fabric choice this time. I'm not the best at picking fabric for my skill level. However, I do like a challenge.

Once the patterns were all cut out, I started sewing the blouse just as I did with the red wrap blouse from my earlier experience making this pattern. The fabric frayed pretty badly. I ordered an edging foot and edge stitched all of the patterns. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to purchase a Surger but for now, an edge foot is good.

Sleeves, OMG, these sleeves. At first, I was going to hem them by folding it twice in but by the time I got to the edge center of the sleeve, it was a nightmare to tuck and fold. So then, I decided to cheat; I edge stitch and folded the hem back once. I used my iron to help me along but it wasn't easy. Final try, I weaved my pins through, tuck and folded, and iron those bad boys down. I left it sitting overnight, ironed again in the morning - pulled up my big girl pants up and slayed the hem.

I already felt like the sleeves were extra flouncy, but no, this pattern called gathering to action. After the sleeves were set in, I was pretty darn pleased with the way it turned out.

All the steps to putting together this blouse is in my red wrap blouse blog. Click here if you need detailed instructions.

I opted out of the flounce neck line once again, it's just not my style. I use patterns as a guide to help me achieve a look I've been inspired to sew. No, I do not follow all of the patterns and instructions. This is why, my pieces are unique to me. Add or don't add whatever your hearts desire. You do YOU!

I hope that I've inspired you to use your own creativity to sew a garment you'll love and wear.

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