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Floral Velvet Bodysuit

Mood Pattern: The Davallia Bodysuit

Hello! How is everyone? It's fall now and I get to wear velvet, Yay!! I love this floral velvet bodysuit I made with Mood Sewciety pattern. I got this pretty floral velvet fabric from Joann's It was a little less than a yard in the remnant section. When I saw it, I went back to the stocked fabric to see if there were more of this but unfortunately for me, it was the last of it. I bought it anyway. It was 50% off, I knew I could make something from it and love it forever.

I downloaded this FREE pattern from Mood.com and I knew that this floral beauty would be perfect for it. I didn't have enough of this gorgeous fabric for the full length sleeves but it's OK, it turned out great with these short puffy sleeves. I also opted out of the collar. I was going to sewing it in at first but I changed my mind at the very end and left it out. It was just enough fabric. I had to size it down to fit my petite body and added some fullness to the sides, because.. um, I am a little wider than the pattern. I have no shame.

It was worth all the alterations on the pattern before cutting the fabric because it fit me like a glove from shoulder to crotch. I used to alter the garment while sewing so I can try it on and then adjust as needed but I learned, it was not the way to go. I waste so much fabric and that is a no-no. I'm saving money with all these sales and then throwing good product away. I've changed my ways.

The fabric was easy to sew, I would say it's a medium weight velvet. I actually did a fabric haul with Mood fabrics and the velvet I got from them were heavier than this piece. The ends curled in a way that was almost helpful when hemming the edges. The inside seams were finished with overlock stitches. It has an open back, which, I have not taken any pictures of. I just realized it and not sure how I completely missed that important detail. Sorry about that.

I went out with this top 3 days short of the beginning of Fall but it doesn't matter to me. It was in my closet for 4 weeks before I took it out for a date at Balboa Park. I wore light colored jeans with the suit to play it casual. It was hot this day but I wasn't leaving until I got the shots I needed to show off this perfect floral velvet bodysuit. I'm definitely going to make a long sleeve addition so, please stand by for more The Davallia Bodysuit action.

Please watch this quick video of my journey through assembling this perfectly fitting bodysuit by mood sewciety. Full video coming soon. I am learning how to edit my videos to start posting tutorials but for now, I could use some likes and please subscribe for future videos I think you'll love.

Thank you so, so, much!!

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